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The Hungarian name of the Foundation: Magyar Napfizikai Alapítvány

The Registered Office of the Foundation: H-5700 Gyula, Petőfi square 3.

The Sites of the Foundation: I. Gyula Bay Zoltán Solar Observatory (GSO) (H-5700 Gyula, Göndöcs garden, "Water tower”) II. Balatonrendes Schenk Jabak Solar Observatory (BSO) (H-8255 Balatonrendes, Csapás street 39.)

Founders: Prof. Dr. Róbert Fáy-Siebenbürgen and Anett Elek

Advisory board: Prof. Dr. Róbert Fáy-Siebenbürgen, president, Dr. Bernadett Belucz and Dr. Marianna Brigitta Korsós

The Purpose of the Foundation:
  1. To create an environment for Hungarian ground-based observations for solar and heliophysical scientific research and education. To carry out solar and heliophysical observations and to process and publish the obtained data via professional and educational forums.
  2. To indirectly and directly support solar and heliophysical research (e.g. via conferences, workshops, organizing and supporting summer schools and the participation in such, making research data accessible for a wider public).
  3. The promotion of solar and heliophysics both in a scientific and an educational aspect in Hungary and abroad.
  4. To support scientific research in astronomy, space physics, and environmental physics in a broader sense (primarily in Hungarian rural territories and in Budapest, secondly in direct cross-border areas, and thirdly in foreign locations). Furthermore, to carry out such research in accordance with the resources.
  5. To support public education, out-of-school activities and arrangement of irregular classes concerning the field of astronomy, space research, space physics and environmental physics in a boarder sense.
  6. Scientific and technical education involving wide-range social strata, while using diverse and interactive methods and techniques.
  7. To organize and carry out other public educational activities (displays, exhibitions, concerts, summer camps, meetings, conferences etc.) concerning solar physics, heliophysics, astronomy, space research, space physics and environmental physics. To provide and support study groups and club sessions.
  8. Talent management and educating the next generation. This is a priority objective in all areas of operation (natural sciences, technical fields and arts). The primary aim of this field of activity is to be involved nationwide in the preparations, in the organization, and in the participation in national student competitions in the field astronomy and astrophysics concerning solar and heliophysics. Furthermore, to assist the national team’s Olympic participation.
  9. Other research and development, as well as innovation activities in cooperation with partner institutions and companies, first and foremost regarding solar and heliophysical topics (e.g. the development of robotic solar physics telescopes, magneto-optical filters, and filters that are suitable for Doppler measurements). Secondly, research and innovation activities regarding topics concerning astronomy, environmental physics, space research, as well as certain particular environmental topics (e.g. light pollution, noise protection).
  10. Real estate management and renting.
  11. To retail the operation hours – not used or needed by the researchers of the Foundation – of the robotic solar physics telescope to other persons for scientific purposes.
  12. To operate one or more computer databases and content provider sites, to partially cover the cost of the maintenance, to update data and to continuously develop the server. The name of the database is GSD. To appropriately promote it, advertise it via all available media, especially via Web, Twitter and Facebook, which recently gained great significance.
  13. The achievement of all objectives and the extent of these objectives always depend on the current financial opportunities of the Foundation, as well as on discretionary managerial consideration. The Foundation does not commit itself to funding each objective in the same proportion every year.

Magyar Napfizikai Alapítvány

Hungarian Solar Physics Fundation

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